Frequently Asked Questions


Q What odors does CLEAN+GREEN eliminate?
A The product is effective on any common household odors such as animal and people urine and feces, skunk spray, smoke, sweat, and food odors.


Q Where can I use CLEAN+GREEN?
A You can use the product on any surface type: wood, carpet, concrete, tile, bedding, and any fabric. It is also effective on airborne odors (e.g. smoke, food odors, etc.). On carpet or upholstery, check color fastness in a hidden section before applying.


Q How safe is CLEAN+GREEN around children and pets?
A CLEAN+GREEN is all natural, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. Per the U.S. Federal Regulations Toxic Substances Control Act, Title III, Section 311 & 312, this product contains no health or hazardous materials. It is perfectly safe to use around people and animals when you spray an odor source. It is safe, but follow precautions detailed on the can.


Q How do I get rid of skunk odor on my pet?
A Use the CLEAN+GREEN De-Skunk Coat Cleaner or Multipurpose Direct spray and thoroughly spray the affected area of dogís coat. Rub into your petís coat to ensure that CLEAN+GREEN penetrates into the coat and encapsulates the skunk spray. If you still smell skunk spray, reapply CLEAN+GREEN on the affected area; it may not have made contact with the skunk odor source. Do NOT spray your petís eyes, nose, ears and mouth; spray CLEAN+GREEN onto a clean cloth and rub it carefully on the face. If you accidentally get some in your petís eyes, immediately flush out with water.

There is no need to rinse your pet down after using CLEAN+GREEN. In fact, if you want to wash your skunked pet, give him or her a bath first, and then apply CLEAN+GREEN. You need to give Mother Nature and CLEAN+GREEN a little time to biodegrade the skunk spray so it is completely gone.


Q What are the differences between the products in the CLEAN+GREEN family of products?
A CLEAN+GREEN products have been formulated for each specific animal category and for specific surfaces. The strongest products in order of strength are the following: (1) Skunk products, (2) Cat products, (3) Dog products, (4) Small Animal/Bird products. Within each of the categories, we have provided the appropriate applicator (direct or mist spray) for the appropriate surface and instructions specific to that surface. Products with the direct spray applicator are used for porous surfaces such as carpet, tile, concrete and bedding or for very concentrated odors sources like skunk or shoe odors! Products with the mist applicator spray are for hard surfaces (like wood, cages), surface odors (such as smells due to an animal laying on your bed), cages and airborne odors.


Q How does CLEAN+GREEN work?
A When CLEAN+GREEN is sprayed on an odor source, it shears the hydrocarbon chain (of the odor source) and then encapsulates the odor source; this immediately eliminates the odor. Once CLEAN+GREEN encapsulates the odor source, it becomes a microbial-food source for the indigenous bacteria in the environment, which accelerates the biodegradability of the odor source.


Q Will CLEAN+GREEN get rid of carpet stains?
A Yes. If you apply the product within 72 hours after there is an accident before the urine or fecal material change the dye in the carpet fibers, the CLEAN+GREEN encapsulation process will stop it from staining the carpet. However, if the material has already penetrated the carpet fiber dyes, it will not remove the stain.


Q After I use CLEAN+GREEN, do I need to rinse the area?
A No, the by-product from using CLEAN+GREEN is carbon and water.


Q How much CLEAN+GREEN do I need to use?
A The amount of product required depends upon the area that needs to be addressed and the severity of the odor. In most cases, all you need to do is spray the odor source for about 2-5 seconds and the odor will be eliminated. For more severe odors, it may take some additional applications, but give CLEAN+GREEN a few seconds to work before spraying again. People often use too much; an average 16 oz can provides about 20 regular applications.


Q Does the CLEAN+GREEN leave an odor?
A No, CLEAN+GREEN does not leave any odor nor does it introduce any new odor where it is applied. The product is unscented. It is not a masking agent.


Q How long does CLEAN+GREEN last?
A CLEAN+GREEN eliminates the odor source so the odor cannot come back; it is not a masking agent. The odor will only come back when another odor source is introduced into the area (e.g. the cat urinates on the same spot).


Q What happens if the odor is not completely gone?
A In order to eliminate the odor, CLEAN+GREEN must be sprayed directly onto the odor source. If the odor is not eliminated, you may have missed some spots so check the area and spray the area where the smell is located. In addition, if you originally sprayed CLEAN+GREEN in the air using the mist applicator, and the odor remains, you may want to check (and spray) the furniture, carpets or other areas as odors present in the air may settle on the surfaces of items in the room.


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