CLEAN+GREEN® are natural pet stain + odor removers. Our line of eco friendly, green cleaning products are made from organic and biodegradable ingredients and packaged so you can recycle the container - now you can clean green! For green pet cleaning, use effective, non toxic, organic home cleaning supplies and keep an environmentally friendly home - with pets.

Clean+Green offers a line of green home cleaning supplies for green carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal, green wood & tile floor cleaning, and green furniture cleaning for pet urine removal, pet stain removal and pet odor removal. The products work on cat urine, dog urine, vomit, hairballs, bird droppings, and small animal urine. They are odor eliminators for cat urine odor, dog urine odor, vomit odor, hairball odor, bird dropping odor, small animal odor, dog smell, cat smell, ferret smell and other small animal smells. Clean+Green is a stain remover for urine, feces, vomit, hairballs and any other pet accidents.

More Than 18 Million Pet Messes Cleaned Naturally!

January 27, 2015
I Don't Know How It Works, But I Suspect Magic Is Involved
I used the Litter Box formula. I don't know how it works, but I suspect magic is involved.
April 05, 2013
If youíve ever moved, you may have walked into your new home full of anticipation and hope, only to be greeted by strange, unpleasant odors. Whether itís the smell of cigarette smoke, a general musty/
October 12, 2012
A Thrifty Diva
Clean+Green products are not just for pet mishaps, they are perfect for family mishaps too. The cleaner works well on carpet, area rugs, wood floors, tile, cement and all fabrics.

"This is the best odor-removing product EVER. Some of my cats have elimination issues and I adore cats, but I cannot stand the smell of cat urine. I tried everything before I saw CLEAN+GREEN and decided to give it a try. Boy, was I glad I did! Other cleaners left behind a scent, but this left no scent at all. My cats are spraying less since I started using this. It's also great for cleaning up hairball residue, spilled food, and any mess my baby makes and I love how safe it is to use around my cats and my baby! " Sarah of Jacksonville FL

"It is simply an amazing product and nothing works better. We have very rare wood flooring and cannot use any other products due to their finish stripping qualities ugh" Bridget, Englewood CO

"We have a Collie and 3 cats and recently adopted an untrained Maltese. Your products are excellent for cleaning up those unavoidable accidents during training. It also worked wonders on our 4 litter boxes. I can't even tell the cats live here when first walking in. My son also used it on a stain on the carpeting in his car." Joyce, Bethel Park, PA

"I was at my wits end. After various other products AND professional cleanings, the stains were still there And the odor never really went away. I saw your product and I figured, what the heck, it couldn't hurt. Boy was I ever amazed. The stains were gone in an instant as was the odor. I NEED MORE!!!" Christina of Spring Brook Township PA

"Puppy pee in the bathroom and on the carpet and hardwood floor was a problem. With your product, the urine odor was eliminated immediately. Every puppy owner should have Clean+Green in his/her arsenal." Bob, Swansea, MA

"Dog got sprayed by a skunk and then rolled all over inside the house! Clean+Green worked almost immediately, and the house became livable again! Before we got the Clean+Green, we had to stay at a hotel!" Rhianna, Hockley, TX


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