By Sherrie Porter

I just took in a 7 year-old rescue F1 Bengal (which means she's half Asian Leopard). Being a wild cat, she stresses easily, they don't take re-homing well, and flying from Maine to Texas, changing homes, humans, household pets, and even climates, she was stressed!

When Layla gets stressed, she develops cystitis, and has a very normal reaction - litter box avoidance. Read that, she pees everywhere BUT the litter box. Her room was smelling awful. I saw Clean+ Green at my local health food store, and decided to give it a try. It says "on contact" and it means it! Stain AND odor disappeared right before my eyes - and nose.

I've never seen anything like it, and having had a cat for 4-1/2 years who recently passed with kidney failure, I thought I'd seen it all. I used the Litter Box formula. I don't know how it works, but I suspect magic is involved


Clean + Green and Free of Funky Odors

  By Jenai Engelhard

Quincy Yu and her dog.

If you’ve ever moved, you may have walked into your new home full of anticipation and hope, only to be greeted by strange, unpleasant odors. Whether it’s the smell of cigarette smoke, a general musty/moldy scent, or the surprise of finding a hidden mess from a pet, eliminating the odor is paramount.

However, don’t feel that products with heavy chemical ingredients are the only solution. I’d like to introduce a healthier alternative that you're probably unaware of, one that allows you to thoroughly eliminate funky odors without the nauseating chemicals.

Quincy Yu, founder of Clean + Green, explains the technology, called Encapsulation, behind her revolutionary line of cleaning products. "It breaks down the molecules at a molecular level, then surrounds the source of the stain or odor," explains Quincy. "The product is a natural food source made of plant, so it introduces no enzymes or bacteria, no solvents, no fragrances, no ammonia and no inhibitors. It biodegrades within 48 hours, so nothing is left other than water." Learn more about how the technology works on their website.The product is effective, easy to use, and sustainable from a packaging standpoint, as it is made of recycled steel.

Why the interest in odor elimination? Quincy once rescued a one-hundred-pound dog. "I have five kids, but I have never had as challenging a mess as I had when I first started with this dog," she says, explaining that rescue dogs often have potty-training issues at the onset.

"I went out and tried to use the products that were on the market and they didn't work," says Quincy. "I am very sensitive to smell. I don't have any fragrances in my house. I came across this technology, and that is how Clean + Green got started."

Although the company started out as a way to address pet-mess problems, Quincy points out that it works on any organic source. "It could be red wine or juice, soy sauce," she says. "It is very effective; you don't even have to scrub. Just make sure it comes in contact with the source. It doesn't mask or hide it. It will eliminate it."

Curious to see the product in action? Watch a few YouTube videos. The carpet product is company's best seller, although during certain seasons, the de-skunking product outsells it. "A skunk's spray is one of the worst things you will ever come across," says Quincy. "You can de-skunk an animal by spraying it on your pet's coat and let it dry. It is that safe. It is that effective."

Quincy says that these products are perfect for the spring cleaning season, because they cover every surface area of the home, whether furniture, fabric, carpet or wood and tile.

And for those of us who are moving, with or without pets, these products are invaluable. "I also manage property," says Quincy. "When you are moving out you find a lot of messes you didn't know were there, you have to get rid of them to get your security deposit back. You might catch a spot where a pet had an accident, and the urine has dried and crystallized." She says that if you have a wood floor, using ammonia will damage the floor so be careful to use pH-neutral cleaners. It is also very challenging to get the urine out of grout.

The flip side is that if you move into a new place, you may find some unexpected odors. How do you get rid of them? Clean + Green's furniture refresher is excellent for musty smells. "Or if someone smoked, it will even get rid of smoke smells," she says.

Quincy says this product is completely unique in that no one else can use their technology, as they have three patents on it. It also gives you the efficacy of other products with the benefits of a green product.

Quincy is relieved that today there is far more information available for those who really want to have a clean and safe home. "You just need to be aware that there is a lot of greenwashing out there," she says. "There are a few very easy steps to avoid using products that aren't safe."

As far as pets are concerned, Quincy says that dogs come into contact with a lot more toxins from surface areas than humans, as they are lower to the ground. (Also, they are constantly panting and absorbing anything harmful in the environment). Their kidneys and livers are not as robust as those of humans at cleansing toxins, so it is very important to use products that introduce no harmful chemicals into the surroundings.

"When you use any of our products, you don't have to be concerned about the humans and the pets that are in the environment," she says. "From an odor and stain standpoint, as long as it is organic, we will deal with it."


Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor remover Giveaway


I constantly go back and forth with my children and dogs, who’s messier? It’s quite the toss up. With a ten month old dog, toddlers and a preteen. Our dog having mishaps indoors is one of the worst messes I get to clean up. With little ones we have completely ditched harsh chemicals and try to keep our home as green as possible. We just received the Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor remover. Perfect because look what I had the pleasure of cleaning this morning.

What is it? Puppy vomit, it’s gross I know but for the sake of showing you how how the product works it’s actually worth while. This is a spot on the carpet that I missed the first time I cleaned up. It was almost dry and I worried it would not be easy to clean.

With the Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor remover I sprayed a descent amount to lightly cover the area. No scrubbing, blotting, soaking or rinsing the area. Within a minute, I could see the vomit lift.

Wiped off the gunk with a paper towel.

This is the outcome. A perfectly clean rug. No stain, no odor and no underlying spot on the underside. Clean+Green is made with all-natural non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic ingredients. Safe for your home, family and earth. The packaging is also sustainable and 100% recyclable. Clean+Green products are not just for pet mishaps, they are perfect for family mishaps too. The cleaner works well on carpet, area rugs, wood floors, tile, cement and all fabrics.

Shop and learn more about Clean+Green products.

October Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

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